Viper Nano TF

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The Viper Nano is the ultimate in single cam technology, providing top end speed and a gentle draw cycle. Comes equipped with our V2 Cam allowing archers to personalize the let off and feel of their bow. The Nano’s versatility makes this bow suitable for archers of any caliber. Now equipped with APA’s Twin Flex Limbs.

IBO/ATA – up to 330fps
Brace Height – 7 1/8”
Axle to Axle – 30 1/2″
Let Off – 75%
Physical Weight – 3.9lbs
Draw Weights – 50, 60, 70, 80
Draw Lengths – 23″1/2 – 30 1/2″
Kinetic Energy – 84.65@70

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3.9 lbs

Draw Weights (lbs)

50, 60, 70, 80 (+$60.00)


Wing Camo, Buckskin Stealth, Matte Black (Standard Colors)
Matte Red (+$81.00), Matte Orange (+$81.00), Matte Purple (+$81.00), Blue Snakeskin (+$81.00), Snakeskin Stealth (+$81.00)


Left, Right

Draw Lengths (in)

23.5, 24.0, 24.5, 25.0, 25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0, 29.5, 30.0, 30.5

14 reviews for Viper Nano TF

The Viper Nano is just a solid, well-built bow. It’s a breeze to shoot; smooth, with a solid back wall. Very light in the hand, and carries easily due to the trademark built-in handle. Everything I need in a hunting bow is right here in the NANO!

Best hunting bow on the market. Made by hunters for hunters. Not to take away from how well the target bows perform. Steady back wall, smooth and no hand shock on release. APA is top notch when it comes to taking care of the customer.

I’m just sharing my experience with everyone about the APA staff. I bought a fuse stabilizer from an APA dealer in Sudbury,ON. He called APA to price dipping the stabilizer into winter mimicry. The dip was amazing and matches up my bow perfectly! The price was reasonable and the staff kept me up to date. I recommend this to anyone who wants to match up camo patterns.

I should add from last review this is THE BEST BOW for anyone, beginners to experts, who is under 29 inch daw length loves to 3d shoot and bow hunt. You do not need any other bow! If you think you do… You don’t know what your doing!

Just bought this Viper Nano and it’s amazing. I have left the jumpy dual cam bows for this singlet cam now. This bow is very fast, easy to shoot. I was worried about the axle to axle length for long shots at targets at like 100 yards, bow is just as stable as my old 34 inch This is the best bow I have ever owned. Over 2000 arrows through this bow and I have only added half a twist to the cable to time the cam correctly.

I have shot a few bows, and when I was in the market for a new bow I knew that I had to try as many out there as I could so I knew I was making the right decision. I also knew about APA bows as I had previously tried them but I didn’t want to make a bad decision. I proceeded to drive all over Ontario to try out as many bows as possible. Well with that being said I own a Viper Nano! It was the smoothest most efficient bow I shot! It may be personal preference but for me I knew this was the bow! The ability to adjust my bow without a press is huge! The quality and workmanship is second to none! The smooth draw is exactly that! Overall weight is fantastic! And all the other added bonuses are just that! Not to mention this company stands behind not only their product but also there customers! APA is a true Canadian company friendly and make you feel like part of the family! And above all else certainly manufactures one of the best bows in the world! Good job guys and my next bow will definitely be an APA ! Oh forgot to mention I’ve now owned my bow for just over 2 years and this thing has yet to have a hiccup ! Just as smooth and sexy as the day I bought it!”

Simply an amazing bow. I have the Viper, before it was called the Viper Nano. Have had this bow now for four years. Every time I pick it up, I am just as impressed as on day one!!! All the little tools, the teeth for hanging it up anywhere and the handle to carry it. These are little things that add up to big real world comfort

I spent many hours shooting different bows at the pro shop and kept coming back to this APA Viper Nano. I had never heard of APA before that day but will never forget them now! Great product. I was a Mathews guy up until the spring of 2014 but have now converted to a loyal APA customer. And the best part of their bows, aside from the solid feel, smooth draw and deadly accuracy, is that they are made right here in Canada.

Oops forgot to mention it’s very quiet

Bought 2014 nano and it’s an awsome bow ,light ,fast and accurate Love it and this is my venom

I bought this bow for my first bow. I am new to archery but I can say out of the many brands I tested. This viper nano is one smooth shooter. I love this bow and deffinatly recommend this one to anyone looking. Thank you Apa

This is one of the most incredible bows I have ever used. Smooth does not even begin to do this bow justice. Fun to shoot and easy to hold makes for a great day in the field or range.

I have shot a number of APA bows and was impressed with all of them, but to me the one that tops them all, hands down is the APA NANO….smooth, fast, and a great brace height makes for a real killer. Every year I get more impressed with the thought that goes into the small things that other bows don’t even come close too. We all know about the tool centre, the handle, the cam axle, knife sharpener etc…. most will think of these as gimmicks at first, until you have one, then you realize just how useful they are. Now they have made a great bow even better…. a built in bow square, and rest indicator…. I literally had my bow set up and dialed in under 10 minutes…..SIMPLY THE BEST ALL ROUND BOW

Great bow, love it. It’s the nicest bow I’ve shot. Super smooth really solid back wall, fast, and accurate. I would recommend it.

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