Truglo – Wrist Sling/Stabilizer

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Engineered for use on performance hunting bows, the TRUGLO® 7″ Carbon XS™ Bow Stabilizer helps deliver quieter and more accurate shots. Made of performance–based composites for optimized vibration and noise reduction, this advanced stabilizer employs a continuously curving design for balanced energy transfer. Interchangeable colored dampening rings and an adjustable weight suspension system absorb and dampen vibration further. Comes with two 1 oz. stainless steel weights. TRU•TOUCH™ Soft–Feel Technical Coating. Includes stiff paracord sling.

  • Advanced stabilizer for performance hunting bows
  • Performance–based composite construction – optimized vibration and noise reduction
  • Continuously curving design for balanced energy transfer
  • Interchangeable colored dampening rings
  • Adjustable weight suspension system
  • Comes with two 1 oz. stainless steel weights
  • Includes stiff paracord sling
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