Mamba 34 TF

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Mid-sized, smooth, lightweight, high-energy bow. Recommended for archers looking to shoot the perfect all-around bow. Now 80% let off.

IBO/ATA – up to 355fps
Brace Height – 6 1/8”
Axle to Axle – 34 1/8″
Let Off – 80%
Physical Weight – 3.9lbs
Draw Weights – 50, 60, 70, 80, 90
Draw Lengths – 25 1/2″- 31″
Kinetic Energy – [email protected]

RDS Upgrade Available

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3.9 lbs

Draw Weights

50, 60, 70, 80 (+$75.00), 90 (Custom Order)


Wing Camo, Buckskin Stealth, Matte Black, Matte Red (+$100.00), Matte Orange (+$100.00), Matte Purple (+$100.00), Blue Snakeskin (+$100.00), Snakeskin Stealth (+$100.00)


Left, Right

Draw Lengths (in)

25.5 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0, 29.5, 30.0, 30.5, 31.0

4 reviews for Mamba 34 TF

I got a m34tf at #80 last January. I spent 2 months conditioning myself to make a smooth steady draw and then went to South Africa. As luck would have it, airline security had been playing with the bow an I believe partially dry fired it. Sight was damaged an rest had moved and the bow was way out of tune! Of coarse this was 8 hrs from the nearest bow shop. Within an hour, had my sight crazy glued, rest adjusted and bow cams back in time again. I managed to get a giraffe and a Cape buffalo within the next few days with it. Having a bow that doesn’t need a bow press is a huge advantage on far away hunts

After shooting and hunting two M34’s for the past year I can say with confidence that APA bows are superior in every regard to others I have owned. Smooth draw, easy transition to the valley, solid wall, extremely stable hold, no hand shock/vibe at the shot, and fast, fast, fast. Tunability is second to none with the dual yokes and in short order was able to get field points and fixed blade broadheads tuned to perfection. Carried the bow over miles and miles of rugged Idaho terrain on long backpack hunts and enjoyed every second due to the carry handle and the low mass weight. Was able to finally remove my portable bow press from my pack after years and only have to carry a spare set of strings/cables for any issues that may arise. For the first time in my archery history I will be shooting the same bow for multiple seasons!! If you are looking for a bow that is truly made to function in every aspect of hardcore archery hunting this is it.

Its is a really good bow to shoot and looks great. But I haven’t really shot it much and the serving has started to come loose on it already and the paint started chipping off.

Excellent bow. Light weight, superb paint finish (Buckskin Stealth looks amazing!). I bought the Mamba M34 for Field/3D competitions and the carry handle is great for this. (No hunting allowed here in Northern Ireland). Most of my archery club mates have had a few shots out of the bow and it hasn’t failed to impress yet! A friend got a King Cobra TF at the same time and he loves it too. Think there will be a few more orders for APA bows coming your way from N. Ireland in the coming months.

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