Mamba 33 XR

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APA’s smoothest, most efficient dual cam bow yet! Impressive speeds at a comfortable brace height, Recommended for archers looking for a great all-around bow.

The APA Mambas are known to be the fastest, most accurate and easiest to tune dual cam bows on the market, period.

IBO Speed up to – 353fps
Brace Height – 6 7/16″
Let Off – 80%
Axle to Axle – 33 3/8″
Physical Weight – 3.8lbs
Draw Weights – 40,50,60,70,*80,*90 (*Extra Charge)
Draw Lengths – 25.5″ – 31.5″
Kinetic Energy – 96.87@70


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3.8 lbs

Draw Weights (lbs)

40, 50, 60, 70, 80 (+$60.00), 90 (+$120.00)


Standard Colors:
Wing Camo, Matte Black

Optional Colors:
Kuiu Verde 2.0 (+80.00), Buckskin Stealth (+80.00), Snakeskin Stealth (+$80.00), Red Fade (+$80.00), Orange Fade (+$80.00), Purple Fade (+$80.00), Covert Blue (+$80.00), Sandstone (+$80.00)


Left, Right

Draw Lengths (in)

25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0, 29.5, 30.0, 30.5, 31.0, 31.5

4 reviews for Mamba 33 XR

Just received my new Mamba 33 last week, I had a great experience dealing with the staff at APA ( they are top notch) and the bow was so easy to finish the set up right out of the box.
Over the years I have shot a lot of bows and this bow just has such a great feel and balance, I find myself grinning from ear to ear just trying to describe how nice this bow is to shoot. You will not be disappointed with this Mamba.
Thanks for the amazing bow APA.

This year I talk to APA staff on January 03 2019 about purchasing a mamba 33XR, LH , 60# in wing camo. They had this special order bow in stock, I received this bow on January 04 2019, I live in neighboring province, Manitoba. I could tell you all the great things about this bow, but, just go out to a dealer and shoot one, there will be no turning back. Thanks APA staff and Nibal !! Not only best bows but the best service as well. Keep up the great work.

Just finished my first 3d comp with this bad boy this weekend! The boys at APA did an amazing job, whether your running 3d or hunting this bow is perfect. The speed Is amazing and it just feels great in your hand. The small grip allows it to settle very nicely into your hand, the camo coating is flawless it’s a quite bow for the amount of speed it spits the arrows out at. One of the nicest things about APA is the staff, you feel like your part of a group that is there for you and can help you with anything you need, whether its arrows, bows, even sights. You wont regret getting into anything that these boys put together. There are literally * not the same*

I just wanted to write a review on this bow to let everyone know this is a awesome bow. I had never seen or touched a APA bow until I received this one. I have watched many videos on the internet about them and wanted to give them a try. I ordered the Mamba 33XR (sandstone) in 90lbs -29″ draw length with the twister full containment rest. The bow showed up in perfect condition and was tuned perfectly and the draw length was set perfect. The bows finish is excellent and is very nice to the touch with the soft rubber like finish. The draw cycle is very smooth with a rock solid back wall. The bow holds very steady in the hand with no vibration after the shot. The bow feels very light even when fully loaded with sight, quiver, arrows etc.

Here are some real world numbers for the arrows I have shot thru the chronograph. The bow is set 1/2 turn back from being maxed out at 90+ lbs and a 29″ draw length. All arrows are cut to 29″ and have 75gr brass inserts installed.
Easton Bloodline 240 spine – 550gr=291fps 602gr=277fps 626gr=275fps 674gr=265fps
Easton Axis 260 spine – 626gr=275fps 676gr= 265fps 700gr=260fps 750gr=252fps
Easton FMJ Dangerous Game 250 spine – 788gr=247fps 834gr=240fps 862gr=237fps 912gr=230fps

If you are a backcountry hunter this bow has everything you need. The carrying handle is an amazing feature that makes walking with your bow so much more enjoyable.

I am very impressed with this bow and very happy I made the purchase. I have shot many of the other new bows out there this year and own many different brands of bows but I have to say this is probably my favorite bow I own and it will probably be the only brand I purchase in the future.
I hope this review helps those who are looking at these bows but don’t have a dealer close by to go and shoot one for themselves and are going off others reviews. This bow is awesome

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