King Cobra MT

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Equipped with APA’s Rotating Draw Stop and Micro Tune Technology, the King Cobra MT is the smoothest shooting and most tuneable Cobra to date. Silent and lethal, while delivering the highest level of performance. Ideal for short draw and seasoned archers. Ready to strike with extreme levels of kinetic energy, generating industry leading speeds of up to 370 fps.

IBO/ATA – up to 370 FPS

Axle to Axle – 33 3/8”

Brace Height – 5 5/16”

Physical Weight – 4.0 lbs.

Draw Weight – 50, 60, 70, 80*, 90* – * Custom Order

Draw Lengths – 24” – 30” In half increments, Mods required.

Kinetic Energy – 106.42 @ 70 lbs.

Let Off – 80 %

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4.0 lbs

Draw Weights (lbs)

40, 50, 60, 70, 80 (+$60.00), 90 (+$160.00)


Standard: 1. Desolve Wing Camo, 2. Matte Black, 3. Sandstone Optional: 4. Kuiu Verde 2.0 (+ $80.00), 5. Kuiu Vias 2.0 (+ $80.00), 6. Slate Grey (+ $80.00), 7. Royal Red (+ $80.00), 8. OD Green (+ $80.00), 9. Covert Black (+ $80.00), 10. Midnight Purple (+ $80.00)


Left, Right

Draw Lengths (in)

24.0, 24.5, 25.0, 25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0, 29.5, 30.0

3 reviews for King Cobra MT

I ordered the 90lb version. It’s a beast and not for a beginner. The valley is very very short so you must keep good tension and be aware of the short valley otherwise your arm is going forward. The cams are small which is a good thing. My bear divergent (28in ATA) cams are roughly 2X bigger. Side by side the King Cobra looks to be about 2 inches longer from cam edge to cam edge but is more than 5 inches longer axle to axle versus my bear. So big thumbs up for smaller cams that work well. The grip is narrow, some people like this others do not. I am one that does not prefer a narrow grip. The grip on my bear is fairly ideal so I may or may not wrap the grip to add some girth. I dialed the the bow down to the (guessing) 75 lb range the tension screw ends are flush with the bottom of the limb pockets which is about 3.5 turns out. I did this to dial in a sight using 300 spine aluminum arrows. Well its still too much and bent a few arrows. (still waiting on some 250 spine fmj eastons). I ordered with the APA twister full containment and 2 different draw length modules 29.5 and the 30. It was shipped with the 29.5 but I ended up putting the 30 on for a more ideal to me draw length (you can do this yourself thanks to the included tools). The king cobra has a hard back wall which is nice and works well with the short valley. No chrono results as of yet but can certainly say this bow slings arrows much faster than any other I have. I use a bigshot extreme 500 target and get full penetration in some areas of it. This bow needs high quality arrows I am hoping the Easton FMJ 250 will hold up to the power as I am not a fan of exposed carbon arrows. Had enough of those microscopic splinters that embed themselves upon removing arrows. If I have issues with the FMJ then the valkyrie 200X should be able to put up with the abuse. Another thing to note is the arrow length you need is very close to the draw length. I am able to get away with 28 inch arrows with my Bear divergent and 30in draw (whisker biscuit rest) but that will not work with king cobra and the APA twister. 30in draw = 30in arrows to be safe. Overall awesome bow and obviously the tool center plus fang hook hanger set the APA bows ahead of the curve. Why bother with another brand when you can have more features and high quality with APA? Win win with APA. I didn’t mention the micro tune because I didn’t play with it yet but will make bow tuning easier for the user, another feature the other guys do not give you. If you have bows why not learn how to tune them yourself? APA gives you that option where others do not. Give them a call place an order, no need to find a dealer near you because many of us in the USA do not have a dealer near us.

The APA King Cobra MT is a fantastic bow. I took a boar with it set at 80lbs, but it maxes out at 90lbs. The bow is strong, light, and filled with backwoods tools like a built in broadhead wrench, sharpener, and nock wrench. I cam-lock pin is an added bonus. I can’t believe how light the bow is even with a quiver attached. I own two other bows, but the King Cobra MT is by far my favorite. It’s an awesome compound bow.

As soon as I pulled the KC out of the box I noticed how well the finish is. Once I shot the bow i was blown away at how fast and smooth the bow is for producing this kind of speed. Minimal hand shock and quite. Very happy with my purchase. It also came earlier than expected too!

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