King Cobra DG

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The APA King Cobra Dangerous Game is unlike any other. The King Cobra DG is loaded with all of APA’s exclusive features for the highest level of functionally and tune-ability. This platform is lighter, stronger, more stable, and is the best balanced King Cobra yet. Experience the Kinetic energy with a shock free feel, a more forgiving brace height and an increase in accuracy. This makes this the King Cobra DG ideal for the short draw or the serious experienced archer seeking maximum power. With a blistering speed of 365 fps IBO and the ability to reach draw weights up too 100 lbs this will be the most powerful stock bow ever built, Producing 150 ke @ 100 lbs of draw weight. This bow is ready to take on any challenge put in front of it!

IBO – up to 365 FPS

Axle to Axle – 32 7/8”

Brace Height – 5 7/16”

Physical Weight – 3.9 lbs.

Draw Weight – 50, 60, 70, 80*, 90*, 100* – * Custom Order

Draw Lengths – 24” – 30” In half increments, Mods required.

Kinetic Energy – 103.56 @ 70 lbs.

Let Off – 80 %

APA 2023 Bow Risers Colours

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3.9 lbs

Draw Weights (lbs)

40, 50, 60, 70, 80 (+$60.00), 90 (+$160.00), 100 (+$200.00)


Standard: 1. Desolve Wing Camo, 2. Matte Black, 3. Sandstone Optional: 4. Kuiu Verde 2.0 (+ $80.00), 5. Kuiu Vias 2.0 (+ $80.00), 6. Slate Grey (+ $80.00), 7. Lava (+ $80.00), 8. OD Green (+ $80.00), 9. Covert Black (+ $80.00), 10. Midnight Purple (+ $80.00)


Left, Right

Draw Lengths (in)

24.0, 24.5, 25.0, 25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 27.5, 28.0, 28.5, 29.0, 29.5, 30.0

2 reviews for King Cobra DG

Aaron Holmes

I love it! I have to tell you, I have never heard of APA until I got this bow. There isn’t a lot of reviews on YouTube about their bows, so I was a little skiddish about buying from APA. My first positive impression was when I called and inquired about what comes with the bow. Their customer service was Aone! Very polite and they knew everything there is to know about their products and archery. My second positive impression was the amount of time it took to get me the bow. The original delivery date was 3 weeks, I got it in about a week! And my 3rd positive impression was with the warranty. I completely forgot to register my bow for the warranty, it was past the 90 day period I had to sign up for the warranty. I think I missed it by about a week. I sent the warranty card in and called them and they still gave my the warranty.

As far as the bow itself! I love it! The finish is flawless, high quality craftsmanship, all the quilt of life features that it come with, I mean there’s not much you can ask for in a bow! Does it shoot as fast as they say it can? No, but what bow does. They advertise at 365 FPS, I think I get 334 with my arrow (forgive me I can remember the exact number, I’m making the review over a year after testing it). Everything about this bow is top notch! I dont want to make this review super long but you’ll love this bow if you get it!

Eliézer valadão

Super especial!

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